About us

Based on the gained experience in reducing leakage of refrigerants in AC and coldstorage units, EVERYWAIR Flaresolutions offers you the Flexflair flare-adaptors.

Those core products of our company have been specially designed to reduce refrigerant leakage in ACR systems.


Everywair wishes to promote the idea of aluminium and copper fixtures as the industrial standard. Alluminium fixtures will reduce installation costs, saving money that can be better spent on advanced control technologies. In order to make this ambitious dream come true we want to meet companies that are interrested to put up pilots


FLEXFLAIR flare-adaptors

By launching the Flexflair adaptors we have helped reduce the leakage of refrigerant and the danger of ozon-layer deplation, thus contributing to environmental protection. For significant leakage reduce we need help therefore.

Everywair is on the lookout for qualified distribution partners world wide. When you are interested please contact us

Flexflair FA

Refflair FA

New improved connection, Patented

Flexflair FAME

Refflair FAB

Flexflair FAME series, 90°

Flexflair FD

Flexflair FD

Copper-plated steel core

Flexfair FDS

Flexfair FDS

Made entirely of brass