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Based on the gained experience in reducing leakage of refrigerants in AC and coldstorage units, EVERYWAIR Flaresolutions offers you the Flexflair flare-adaptors.

Those core products of our company have been specially designed to reduce refrigerant leakage in ACR systems.

FLEXFLAIR flare-adapters

By launching the Flexflair adaptors we have helped reduce the leakage of refrigerant, thus contributing to environmental protection. With our other products we contrubute to the wish of working much more easyer and with more convenience.


FA-adaptors, 68 pcs assorted
Clear at work
Never shortage

Flexflair solutions

Save time and money on maintenance and installation using our flare-adaptors.
Everywair offers you a wide range of adaptors.

The soft coppering ring, used as a seal and fully supported by a stainless core,
is pressed down on the SAE seat by a breass nut with frost grooves.

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Everywair is looking for qualified distribution partners worldwide and also offers private label. If you are interested, please contact us.