Experienced in smart solutions

Everywair started in 1996. With the experience built up in the climate control market, products have been developed that make the installation of especially air-conditioning installations faster, safer, more qualitative and more cost-conscious.

At first we developed a reliable connection change from flare into renewable copper seal.
Brazing and Non-brazing. The soft copper ring, used as a seal and fully supported by a stainless core, is pressed down on the SAE seat by a brass nut with frost grooves. Using our flare-adapters will save time and money on maintenance and installation.

Over the years, Everywair has developed, in collaboration with leading suppliers, a number of products that greatly simplify installation, ensure faster working, more efficient and above all cheaper. You buy the parts that you already need at Everywair with substantial added value and ultimately cheaper.

In addition to the flare adapters that are available in many variants, versions and sizes, Everywair has developed solutions over time such as Service Access Valves, handy Tees and recently the new roof tubes.

Everywair works worldwide, both in developing its solutions and in meeting the wishes of its customers. All Everywair products are made from high quality materials.